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SkyCop is a forward thinking, innovative company committed to addressing problem areas and staying one step ahead of crime. Today, SkyCop works to make our technology available to all types of federal, military, state and local law enforcement agencies, private companies, neighborhoods and individuals. A team of professional design engineers can develop and implement customized programs depending on your specific needs.

All Solutions Municipal & Public Security Private Security

License Plate Recognition and Mobile LPR

Our solutions include both stationary and mobile license plate recognition technology, allowing your law enforcement to spot criminals from afar and quickly apprehend them.

Enclosure Systems - Covert, Battery Powered, or Standard

Installed and at the ready, SkyCop security enclosure systems are always on alert. Outfitted and connected to RTCC or private feeds, they serve as the new neighborhood watch for your community or business.

Gunshot Recognition System

If a firearm is discharged, you need to be able to react fast. The SkyCop Gunshot Recognition System allows you to know what is happening as soon as it happens, and quickly assess the situation with 360 video of the area, pinpointing the location of the event.

Mobile Surveillance Units - MSUs

Temporary presence where you need it! Our Cadet and Major surveillance systems are ready to go, easy to sufficiencyso

Wireless Network Systems

Because key video and information is being transferred, it needs to be securely and correctly sent via the web, regardless of location. Our Wireless network allows you to do so effectively and safely.

Repeater Unit

Transportable Solar Powered Communications and Surveillance System

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get funding for SkyCop in my neighborhood?

You want the best when it comes to providing safety and security for your homes, cities and businesses. When resources are tight (as they often are), there are alternative funding solutions. Our team stands ready to help you access the right funding sources, including federal and state grants, Department of Justice Grants or allocations from the Department of Homeland Security.

For more information about funding your intelligence-led policing effort, contact the SkyCop sales department.

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