License Plate Recognition and Mobile LPR

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LPR relies on infrared (IR) illumination technology to capture images of automobiles and license plates which are fed to computer systems for storage and data analytics. It is widely accepted that LPR has become one of the most effective tools developed to deter criminal behavior.

The SkyCop ® MLPRV platform deploys engineering excellence to video, sensing, and acoustical electronic equipment to provide your officers the tools to more effectively perform crime prevention and detection.

SkyCop ® deploys Genetec AutoVu technology and security center software that extends data mining and geo-fencing capabilities. This allows your department  to conduct searches and match vehicles on hot lists (e.g., expired tags, stolen vehicles, outstanding warrants, etc). The officer can review all matched records, information and images based on where and when the vehicle was previously seen and recorded. All data is archived for use in making arrests and prosecuting criminal cases.