Mobile Surveillance Units - MSUs

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Mobility is critical to crime prevention and detection of criminal activity. The engineering team at SkyCop ® recognized law enforcement’s need for increased portability and developed the SkyCop ® Mobile Surveillance Units. This platform gives you the “eyes in the sky on wheels” that brings flexibility to your efforts that ultimately increases your response time to avert criminal activity.

Deploying the SkyCop ® Mobile Surveillance Units is easy. You simply hook the unit up to a vehicle, and move it to any area needing a law enforcement presence. The unit is invaluable for monitoring public access areas such as shopping malls, public parks, entertainment venues, parking lots, and any other area that need some extra presence and support to deter crime. The unit is self-contained and does not require any type of utility or communication services hook-up. The SkyCop ®  MSUs are equipped with an independent power source and communication platforms, utilizing a rechargeable battery systems, a generator or solar powering. You will find that SkyCop ® MSUs far surpass any other type of mobile surveillance equipment available in the market.

SkyCop ® MSU can be connected with other SkyCop ® surveillance products such as SkyCop ® Mobile License Plate Recognition, SkyCop ® Wireless Camera Enclosure Systems, or even Gunshot Detection. All of these systems in combination can provide remote wireless video, acoustic, and sensing device data feeds into your command center in real-time.