Enclosure Systems - Covert, Battery Powered, or Standard

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The SkyCop® Security Enclosure System is a remote, self-contained, intelligent video security system that can operate autonomously or as a networked system. It incorporates the latest technology in High Compression Digital Recording, Analytic Video Monitoring, Thermal Imaging Monitoring, License Plate Recognition, Environmental Monitoring, and Gunshot Detection Monitoring. SkyCop® is designed for easy, inexpensive redeployment to accommodate changing points of interest. SkyCop® responds to alarm events in real-time by activation of visual and audible alarming devices allowing for immediate response. SkyCop® is housed in an environmentally-controlled aluminum housing and can be customized to include optional features such as bullet-resistant materials and custom artwork to meet the customer’s needs. The enclosure is designed to operate in all weather conditions.

SkyCop camera solutions can also be placed in strategic locations, to offer a more covert surveillance for private security or locations where you do not want their presence to be known.