Stop watching crime. Prevent it.

SkyCop uses advanced technology to proactively support law enforcement in keeping your businesses, homes and communities safe.

Municipal & Public Security Private Security Solutions

Detect. Deter. Deploy.

SkyCop’s finely targeted system identifies disturbances, helps track perpetrators and identifies crime hot spots efficiently so law enforcement can intervene. Our audio and video surveillance systems employ superior technology for gunshot identification, thermal imaging and license plate recognition.

Our Municipal Solutions

Deter Crime

In many cases, SkyCop’s presence alone is enough to deter criminals. Our imposing towers, lights and cameras signal police presence in a commanding way.

Detect Disturbances

SkyCop detects criminal activity as it is unfolding, collecting important evidence to help with prosecution. From video recording to gunshot audio sensors to sophisticated license place recognition capabilities, SkyCop has innovative tools for real-time discovery.

Deploy Law Enforcement

SkyCop monitoring systems make it possible to deploy law enforcement faster. Our unique voice call feature also makes it possible to send pre-recorded messages (i.e. “The pool is currently closed”) with just the touch of a button. It can also broadcast specific warnings based on the video feed, such as “The person in the white t-shirt should exit the premises immediately or law enforcement will be notified.” It’s a very effective tactic employing the added element of surprise.

Monitor. Maintain. Mobilize.

When it comes to your home or business, you want to know someone is looking out for you. SkyCop’s innovative fusion of education, adaptive analytics, real-time proactive deterrents and customized systems can help you protect what’s precious to you.

Our Private Solutions

Monitor the area

SkyCop keeps a vigilant watchful video eye on the areas you want to protect, giving you important peace of mind. Cameras can be noticeable or carefully camouflaged based on your preference.

Maintain peace of mind

SkyCop is always innovating and updating to ensure you benefit from the best security measures available. We maintain our competitive advantage so you can maintain your property and values effectively and securely.


If trouble does occur, SkyCop’s monitoring system means we’re ready to mobilize help and protection immediately.

See how our targeted, strategic solutions are changing the face of surveillance and crime prevention.

Our Approach

10 %

Reduction in city wide crime after SkyCop deployed in Memphis, TN 2009

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