Wireless Network Systems

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At SkyCop ®, we have developed a communication platform that makes data feeds from any location possible and cost-feasible. You can  move your security surveillance efforts to anywhere needed without sacrificing the quality of the information you are getting. 

Our network can utilize wireless, cell, and satellite communications to make sure you are getting real time information when and where you need it most.

The SkyCop ® communications technology is the backbone in connecting all SkyCop® surveillance products such as SkyCop® Mobile License Plate Recognition units, SkyCop Enclosure units, and SkyCop® Mobile Surveillance Trailers. All of these systems in combination can provide remote wireless video, acoustic and other data feeds to your command center using any SkyCop ® solution,  allowing your organization or agency to monitor and record activities across thousands of SkyCop® locations using a single network.