Customized Real Time Crime Center

Crime centers are recognized as a vital technological defense for communities.  This epicenter of  law enforcement works to create an intelligence-led policing effort, allowing for the sharing and integration of crime data between various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Because of this, a law enforcement officer in the field has instantaneous laptop access to outstanding warrants, criminal history records, jail information, local property data, traffic records, and arrest affidavits. It also creates the ability to coordinate crime fighting activities across multiple jurisdictions. 

With alerts coming in about any suspicious activity even before a crime is committed, law officers can be alerted and deployed to areas of interest, optimizing the efficiency of their time and efforts.

Your SkyCop ® team provides the expert advice for planning, equipping, and building out your crime center with the latest software and hardware systems that provide you with the needed information to apprehend the “hard-to-catch” criminal.